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Network Management

Network Management

Zensoft assists clients with the critical step of designing the physical architecture of their Network. A scalable network which grows with the organization is a key factor to be considered while designing Networks. Our design will be based on your requirements - present and future applications, network capacity and growth plans, network traffic volume, Quality of Service (QoS) and support requirements, and total cost of ownership (TCO).


Our Network and Security Experts are available here for provide you one Step solution.

  • Planning LAN / LAN-WAN connectivity solution
  • LAN/WAN Connectivity for heterogeneous systems inter compatibility Configuration of LAN/WAN.
  • Site planning using operation research techniques & scheduling cable layout.
  • We provide ISDN Line. Lease Line, Dial up Connections in association with the relevant service provider.
  • Documenting the site plan for self and client.
  • Testing the cables for proper integrity.
  • Racked all network devices and implementation of Data center as per customer requirements
  • Optimizing LAN/WAN connectivity for peak performance
  • Implementing security features with in your network infrastructure.
  • Internet solution by DSL/leased line & other connectivity method
  • Provide network monitoring tool and bandwidth management tool for check your network health
  • Training to the IT administrators for maintenance and troubleshooting
  • We provide completed IT Network solution for your corporate network
  • Site certification compliant with worldwide recognized standards